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Tue, May. 11th, 2004, 03:06 am
colin_machine: the sadness thickens

All of the furniture is out on the lawn.
I expect to be gone
by dawn.
No longer do I fit as a pawn.
This world is not a giant chessboard
for these insipid games played
and being bound by loves stressful cord.
Normal Knots would not tie up my heart
they were tied tighter and ripped apart
An unfair race, and you have the headstart.
It may sound as if the blame has been placed.
There is no blame, it is only a race.
A race where you won and I so obviously lost,
a unpayed priceless bill, and I cant afford the cost.
Dont worry I'll do dishes for you
even if im at home with the flu,
I am a pair of old worn out shoes
just toss me away already, would you?
Its apparent I cant last for two
whole years and be the same,
I used to be the pill for pain,
all my chemicals have been in vain.
tolerance rose faster than a freight train
It is a damned shame.
All those years
and all those tears
still we have these unexpressed fears
talking flashes a spotlight, freezing us like deer.
the phone crackles static
making the game more traumatic
we need to redraw our schematics.