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Tue, Jun. 15th, 2004, 04:48 am
colin_machine: Romances' Hooray

In theory it is for fools
no real equation
no real rules.
Sedation being the art that it is
I turned on that switch
and flipped my lid.
Its like discovering your moms death
in the obituary
before anyone lets you know.
Its like hearing about a sunny day
wearing shorts,
then it snows.
The most prepared citizen
is not ready for this.
Even the most depressed
venture into undying bliss,
but not bliss by ignorance.
"Fat chance"
you'd say,
until you were slapped
by romances hooray.
When you recognize beauty
you will need no further convincing.

Tue, May. 11th, 2004, 04:00 am
colin_machine: (no subject)

She says words like "beautiful" all the time
Her body makes me speak in rhymes
she cant be guilty of a crime.
So naive and lost in lore
floating on that forgotten shore
the thoughts sit lost to me.
Perfect is the fitting word
tailored exactly just for her,
she wouldnt believe me anyway.
That modesty she owns astounds,
sends compliments in circles, all around.
Still I try
as life goes by
Never to forget a goodbye
even though my mind is fryed
scrambled eggs on toast,
she loves me when im high.
As I wrote the thoughts she made me think
the blue pen ran out of ink.
So I switched to Blood-red
I am prepared to start the emotional trend
where once, Im fashionably fed.
She said not to apologize so much
but in her presence its a must.
Cant help feeling strange
or even close to deranged.
She doesnt find me crazy, or deals with it.
She makes me not lazy, and I deal with it.
Interlocking like gears in machines
I spend life with the love of my dreams.

Tue, May. 11th, 2004, 03:06 am
colin_machine: the sadness thickens

All of the furniture is out on the lawn.
I expect to be gone
by dawn.
No longer do I fit as a pawn.
This world is not a giant chessboard
for these insipid games played
and being bound by loves stressful cord.
Normal Knots would not tie up my heart
they were tied tighter and ripped apart
An unfair race, and you have the headstart.
It may sound as if the blame has been placed.
There is no blame, it is only a race.
A race where you won and I so obviously lost,
a unpayed priceless bill, and I cant afford the cost.
Dont worry I'll do dishes for you
even if im at home with the flu,
I am a pair of old worn out shoes
just toss me away already, would you?
Its apparent I cant last for two
whole years and be the same,
I used to be the pill for pain,
all my chemicals have been in vain.
tolerance rose faster than a freight train
It is a damned shame.
All those years
and all those tears
still we have these unexpressed fears
talking flashes a spotlight, freezing us like deer.
the phone crackles static
making the game more traumatic
we need to redraw our schematics.

Fri, May. 7th, 2004, 12:39 pm
colin_machine: I stole this idea from shakespeare but hes dead so he can kiss my ass.

Your touch is like sandpaper
Kisses sloppy
you smell like capers
your hair is choppy.
All of this is true
but dont feel blue
I love you
and you love me too.